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Welcome to Steeple Ducks. I am a hobby breeder keeping, breeding (on a small scale) and showing Indian Runner ducks and the critically rare Pilgrim geese. Also the critically rare Rhodebar poultry and utility Rhode Island Red.


The birds are free to range, with protection from electric fencing, in a grass paddock on the Mendip Hills near Frome. With them are a few hens that lay green and blue eggs.


I also provide a contact point for several local breeders of Pilgrim geese and there is now a forum that has been set up by Tony who keeps the breed.


This website has been designed and set up by me. It's amazing I have managed it.


For information on ducks and geese, breeds, rearing and keeping I have listed some books that I find useful on the contacts page. If you have any constructive feedback you think would improve this site or if it is missing some information you think would be handy please let me know.


Updated 1 June 2016 (For sale page updated 22 October) please press REFRESH for each page to ensure you have the latest version.

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