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Contact & links

Steeple Ducks are located near Frome in Somerset, south west England


Email: info(at)*


Tel: 01373 812449 (please leave a message)


Please ensure you have all that is needed to accomodate livestock.


Some books that I find useful are:


The Domestic Duck   C. Ashton

Domestic Geese   C. Ashton

Storey's Guide to Raising Ducks   D Holderread

Starting with Ducks   K. Thear

Starting with Chickens   K. Thear

Ducks, Geese and Turkeys for anyone   V. Roberts

Poultry for anyone   V. Roberts

British Waterfowl Standards 2008   British Waterfowl Association

Colour breeding in Domestic Ducks   Mike and Chris Ashton  British Waterfowl Association  Indian Runner Duck Association  Rare Breed Survival Trust  New website for Pilgrim geese  New forum for Pilgrim geese



Other local links: Wildlife Trust Website has been updated and the link to the forum is now easy to find at top of page Westonzoyland Pumping Station Museum of Steam Power & Land Drainage on the Somerset levels IN STEAM BANK HOLIDAYS including other attractions for all the family. As seen on Countryfile BBC1 16th March 2014. Steam on the levels Youtube video link Somerset Willows & Wetlands Visitor Centre. (SWW)


* If you have been in contact with me using other email addresses and are trying to get in touch again please use this one as the others have been changed.


A poultry courier based in Ireland, but transporting

birds and eggs around much of the UK most weeks:


Paul Field, Field Poultry, Co Kilkenny Ireland


Phone: 00353 (0)564443936

Mobile: 00353 (0)879275175

Email: fieldpoultry(at)



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