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I keep and breed Trout Indian Runner ducks. They are pure bred and the initial unrelated stock were obtained as adults from experienced breeders. Amongst other awards obtained at the British Waterfowl Association Exhibitions in recent years by birds in this group a female was awarded 2nd in her year of hatch (2009) then Best of Colour in 2010.


"Trout" is a colour genotype that is wild colour (mallard) except for light phase. Blue trout have a single blue gene and Apricot trout have two blue genes.


For information on waterfowl standards and colour breeding please see the contacts page for a list of books and club websites.



On top of the Mendip's we do not have a natural supply of water. The ducks have trays of water and large plastic dog beds with step in sides. Often just stretching over the highest side to dip their bills in but occasionally enjoying a good dip and splash.


Ducklings are hatched in incubators indoors or preferably under broody hens. Then introduced as soon as possible to free range. However they must have overhead protection from the predatory birds that we get here.


This page is a brief introduction to the ducks for further information or photographs please get in touch. 

blue trout indian runner duck
apricot trout indian runner duck
trout indian runner duck

 blue trout apricot indian runner duck drake
trout indian runner duck drake eclipse
immature trout indian runner duck drake

Blue Trout

Apricot Trout duck

Indian Runner ducks

Trout duck

Trout, Blue Trout & Apricot drakes

indian runner duck drake apricot blue

 apricot trout appleyard colour color indian runner duck
trout indian runner duck drake
black chocolate duck drake indian runner

Trout drake in eclipse

Immature trout drake

trout blue apricot indian runner duck duckling

Blue Trout

Apricot Trout


Blue Trout

Apricot Trout

The ducklings are the

same age as the chick

Immature trouts can be sexed by colour and markings by about 6 weeks. The female with orange bill is in the front and the male with green bill is behind. By about 8 weeks ducks quack and drakes rasp.


Apricot, Appleyard and Trout colour Indian Runner ducks.


Three of the ducks in the heading picture are Trout Indian Runner x Appleyard (breed not colour) ducks. The Appleyard is a large breed of duck.



Black duck, chocolate drake. Chocolate drake on black duck gives  chocolate female and black male offspring.

Mature runners foraging

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trout indian runner duck drake

My ducks heads are usually down foraging. This is a good chance to get a photo of some of them standing still and alert. One of my old ginger cats is stood behind me and they think he's a predator. Their reaction to a predator is to go up and watch it, which I can't see is of much benefit for staying alive.


Young Jasper, 16 years old, few teeth, rather deaf now, has always preferred his food served out of a tin:)

trout indian runner duck drake pair

A pair of trout colour. 

trout indian runner duck
trout indian runner duck female
immature trout indian runner drake
trout indian runner duck