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For sale updated 9 September 2017

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pilgrim goose breed

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Rhodebar/Rhode Island Red (RIR) poultry: No. No cockerel.  


Indian Runner ducks: Quartet trout colour 2017 hatch.


Pilgrim geese (includes other breeders birds): No. Reserved or eggs in incubator.


We do not hatch in large numbers. Generally young birds will only be available from 8 weeks old as fully feathered and near full sized birds. It may mean a wait for younger birds to come on. All breeding groups would be expected to be set up by the end of the year in order that bonding can take place in time for the breeding season to begin in February. It is very unlikely there will be any spare birds kept on after Christmas. Please enquire for latest information or check the forum or join the Facebook closed group Pilgrim geese UK.


If you keep proven autosexing Pilgrims we would be very pleased to discuss exchange for unrelated birds. To contact hobby breeders in Somerset, Devon, Wiltshire, Powys, Aberdeenshire etc. See the forum link above or join the closed group Pilgrim geese UK on Facebook.

pilgrim goose gosling female

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