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Tony, one of the "Pilgrim People" has set up a website for Pilgrim geese it includes breeders locations in the UK see  and a forum that can be used for exchange of information. The forum is handy for useful information to stick, however there is also a Facebook group, Pilgrim geese UK that you may like to join to post your current news and photos for likes.


Eggs from two trios of geese are in the incubator or under a broody hen. The first young pair are reserved. The geese are still laying, it has been quite a late start this year, if it remains relatively cool they will hopefully keep going. They are still mating. 


Only got fifteen RIR/Rhodebar hens now and two Cream Legbar crosses that lay green eggs. All five years or more old, some lovely birds. No cockerels, they were getting inbred and their activity would have been too much for the hens during the winter flu lock down. Having a re-think, probably stop breeding RIR/Rhodebars and begin Norfolk Greys that are a British rare breed. Anyone wanting Rhodebar stock can join the Autosexing breeders group, also a closed group on Facebook.


The ducks are looking very fit but I am struggling to get any ducklings to hatch out. Another batch due in a week under a broody hen. See how they go. Must look for a new young drake.


Wonderful Mary Berry icecream using eight eggs:)


Indian Runner Duck Association including articles from Canada and Africa. News on showing. Annual membership only £7.

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Latest updated 9 September 2017.

pilgrim goose gosling broody mum

Resting in the shade.


Got any lunch?

Water comes in shades of brown.




She has taken on a week younger male who has to learn about siblings. They stand on his foot and when they go from A to B they go from A to B = barge through him if he is in the way!