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Pilgrim geese information


Pilgrim geese: British Waterfowl Standards 2008 – reproduced with permission from the British Waterfowl Association



Classification: Light [1982]


Origin: Great Britain. First standardised in the USA.


Colour genotype: wild-colour except for sex-linked, dominant dilution gene (Sd (Sd)).


Shape: male and female


Carriage: Above the horizontal, but not upright.


Head: Medium in size, oval and trim. Eyes moderately large. Bill medium in length straight, stout, smoothly attached.


Neck: Medium in length, moderately stout, slightly arched.


Body: Moderately long, plump and meaty. Back moderately broad, uniform in width, flat and straight. Breast round, full, deep. Adult abdomen deep, dual-lobed and well balanced, free from bagginess.


Tail: Medium in length, closely folded, carried nearly level.


Wings: Strong, well developed, neatly carried to the body.


Legs and feet: Lower thighs medium in length, well fleshed. Shanks moderately short and stout.


Plumage: Hard and tight.






Plumage: White, some traces of light grey in back plumage, wings and tail.




Head: Light grey, thre forepart broken with with white and forming characteristic “spectacles” around the eyes. White becoming more extensive with age.


Neck: Light grey, upper portion mixed with white in mature specimens.


Back: Light ashy grey edged with lighter shade.


Breast: Very light ashy grey, gradually getting lighter under the body. The stern is white.


Flanks: Soft, ashy grey, each feather edged with a lighter shade.


Tail: Ashy grey, heavily edged with lighter grey approaching white.


Wings: Primaries medium grey. Secondaries darker. Scapulars, greater and median coverts medium grey edged with lighter grey. Lesser coverts light ashy grey, edged with lighter grey.


In both sexes


Eyes: Bluish grey in gander; hazel brown in goose.Orange cilium.


Bill: Orange


Legs and webs: Orange




Gander 6.3-8.2kg (14-18lb). Goose 5.4-7.3kg (12-16lb)


Scale of points


Carriage 10

Head and throat 10

Neck 5

Body 15

Legs and feet 5

Condition 10

Colour 35

Size 10 = 100






In the goose: White blaze on the breast. Absense of white on the head and neck of older birds.


Major defects:


In both sexes: Flesh or pink-coloured bills, feet and shanks. Single-lobed or unbalanced paunch. Undersize.


In the gander: Completely white or with solid grey features in the plumage.


In the goose: White flights. All white head. Predominantly white neck. 

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