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 rhodebar cockerel poultry large breed fowl

Rhodebar & Rhode Island Red poultry

I have Rhodebar/utility Rhode Island Red poultry (RIR) and a few hens that lay a variety of coloured eggs including RIR x Cream Legbar (green).


The Rhodebar is a critically rare autosexing pure breed based on the Rhode Island Red. The cockerels have 2 barring genes and the hens only 1, females do not have a corresponding gene due to a sex linked shortened chromosome.


My original Rhodebar cockerel was from Wernlas and he was outcrossed to a RIR hen from John Leach's flock of utility RIR. I also introduced utility RIR hens from Shaw's trap tested flock.


Further selection and outcrossing continues to maintain a vigorous utility flock. As the Rhodebar and Rhode island Reds are running together some cockerels carrying only one barring gene will be produced (cockerel above in centre) as well as pure breed RIR & Rhodebar cockerels. All the pullets will be pure breed, either RIR or Rhodebar.


If you are interested in hatching eggs or stock cockerels to give utility birds of either breed do get in touch. 

rhodebar cockerel poultry
rhodebar cockerel poultry
rhodebar pullet hen poultry chick
rhodebar pullet hen poultry
rhodebar cock cockerel chicks poultry
rhodebar hen poultry

Rhodebar cockerel

Cockerel with a single barring gene

Rhodebar pullet

Rhodebar cock chicks

Rhodebar pullet chick

Rhode Island Red pullet chick

Young Rhodebar cockerel

Rhodebar and Rhode Island Red eggs are light brown

Autosexing breeds & their crosses

Rhodebars, Gold Legbars, Cream Legbars and Welbars are all pure breeds that are autosexing - the sexes can be identified by colour at day old. Female chicks are more strongly coloured and marked, the males are creamer. Males have a double dose of barring and are rather handsome, females have only a single dose giving only have a hint of barring that can be seen in the Rhodebar compared with a Rhode Island Red photo above.


The Cotswold Legbar is not a pure breed and is not autosexing they come in a wide variety of colours.


Gold Legbar was developed from the Brown Leghorn and Plymouth Rock and lay a white egg.


Cream Legbar was developed from these also but has the addition of Araucana to give a blue egg layer (and a crest).


Rhodebar is developed from the Golden Brussbar (from Brown Sussex) and Rhode Island Red and lays a tinted brown egg.


Welbar based on the Welsummer lays a chocolate brown egg.


Crossing these pure breeds also gives autosexing offspring. The Welbar crossed with Cream Legbar gives hens that lays olive-green eggs. 

Gold Legbar hen and a young cockerel. For Gold Legbar enquire at near Salisbury. They are not on the breed list but Nick has a breeding group and would be interested in contacts with anyone with unrelated birds or utility Brown Leghorn.

gold legbar hen poultry
cream legbar hen poultry large breed fowl

Cream Legbar hen lays sky blue eggs

welbar cockerel poultry large fowl

Welbar cock



Welbar x Cream Legbar hen lays olive-green eggs

Leg colour: The standard for both RIR and Rhodebar is for yellow legs. My young birds have yellow legs however I no longer feed mixed corn that includes kibbled maize, they get wheat instead which they also love. Their leg colour fades at maturity, particulary in the laying hens. Maize also gives a yellow tinge to the white "ears" of the Gold Legbar hens. 

Rhodebar cock & Rhode Island Red pullet

rhodebar hen poultry
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2 male Gold Legbar chicks in with Rhode Island Reds. With the solid cream patch on the back of their heads.

Gold Legbar: white eggs

Cream Legbar: sky-blue eggs

Welbar: chocolate brown eggs Welbar x Cream Legbar: olive-green eggs

The pinkish eggs are Cream Legbar x Faverolle a very pretty cross.

 rhodebar cockerel pullet hen poultry

Cockerels with 1 & 2 barring genes

rhodebar cockerel poultry

Rhodebar cockerel

Rhodebar hens

Welbar x Cream Legbar chicks:


Chicks from a cross of two autosexing pure breeds are also autosexing. There are 3 females and one male in the photo. The male is the creamier one top left of photo. The females are browner and more strongly marked. The female at the top right of the photo is a little indistinct and in selecting breeders for pure stock would be best avoided.

Rhodebar and Rhode Island Red chicks with trout colour Indian Runner ducklings.